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Optiflow is redefining the boundaries of oxygen therapy

  • Flexibility
    to do more than traditional devices
  • Capability
    to deliver the prescribed treatment
  • Ingenuity
    to overcome historical limitations
high flow

Optiflow can replace all your other oxygen therapy delivery devices. When has one solution given you so much flexibility?

  • Use in place of all face mask or nasal cannula oxygen delivery devices
  • Use for rest breaks during noninvasive ventilation
  • Use to wean patients off invasive and noninvasive ventilation
  • Use for respiratory support with or without supplemental oxygen

As world leaders in heated humidification technology, we have the capability to deliver wide ranges of Flows & FiO2's at Optimal Humidity, leading to these key benefits and mechanisms.

  • Mucociliary clearance
  • Comfort
  • Accurate oxygen delivery
  • Washout of anatomical deadspace
  • Low level pressure

Optiflow can overcome many of the limitations traditionally associated with oxygen therapy. What other device addresses all these limitations?

  • - Inaccurate oxygen delivery
  • - Failure to meet inspiratory demand
  • - Drying of the airway
  • - Patient discomfort and stress
  • - Multiple interfaces needed



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